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Railcraft Question


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Greetings, I readed that Signal on Railcraft can only claim a Rail that have no curves so I need after a curve a new Signal "Claim" So I have 2 Area's who checked with a Signal. Is it possible to send both Signal to the same Reciever Box?

Actualy I try it with 2x Reciever Boxes + 2x Controller Boxes then you have the Problem that you only can connect 1x Controller Box to the Motor switch.

So what I want is now: connect 2 Controller Boxes with 1 Montor or connect 2 Signal Area's with 1 Reciever is anythink of this possible?


This is one Option that may work but that would it make realy looks crapy =(

Because there is no rail that can Link 2 Rails (if you look near the signal boxes)


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