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[3.1.2]One Tick Tekkit[PvP][50 Slots][limited EE][Towny|Iconomy][Friendly][Balanced]


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One Tick Tekkit is a dedicated tekkit server,where players can come together to build, fight, grow, and have fun. We have taken a few weeks to come up with what some would consider the best combination that will fully allow players to enjoy their gaming time here....We are not just a Tekkit server so make sure you check out the rest of the One Tick Gaming Community.

Work hard, Play hard, Build hard.

We are Towny based. What that means:

There are no starting towns. You must go out and earn money to start up your own town.There are a few ways of doing that; You can mine and make time cards which you can turn into money at spawn or voting daily can help you build up in game money.

Remember there is safety in numbers. So make a few friends, camp out, and build up to starting your own town. We're using Towny with quite large amount of plots. The server is heavy PvP in the wild, but once you get a town you will be safer. You can be attacked in your town but chest can be locked and your plot can’t be griefed.


Server IP:

The server is running tekkit, a modpack that compiles a group of rather advanced and complex modifications to make your minecraft experience the best it can be.

Download links: http://www.technicpack.net/

While most staff on our server have experience with the mod, they are not all experts , so you can ask questions about it on our forums. We use Teamspeak for voice communication, this is a great place to get together and plan Town projects, get First-Class Staff Support, or just chill out and talk to some of our dedicated members! If you need to install Teamspeak you can download it here.

Teamspeak IP:

Uptime: 24/7, though occasional maintenance (not very often)



Owner: SalDarkSeed

Admins: MinecraftB0ss and TobiasMage23

Documenter and Helper: MrGentlemanSir

In-Game Moderators : xBrandon131x, HackJunkie, and Joccend

Teamspeak Moderators: Admins, Owner, and Moderators

Main Plugins:


-Town heirarchy

-Nation set up

-Towny war events


-A useful trade medium to purchase useful items and protection

Web Auction

-Buy or sell items via the website


-Allows players to lock doors


-Allows a safe travel form spawn


-Allows players to PVP safely


-Moderators can fix any illegal greif that happens

Help Tickets

-Report greif or request help in game


-Trade with any player in reach

Easy Vote

-Vote easily through the website


Many decisions will fall down to common sense and your ability to use it in key situations. We also encourage fair game play. We do allow griefing in the wild, but not in towns. If you are killed in pvp you can ask for your items back once, but it is not required to give items back. We do not allow combat avoidance(logging out to avoid pvp or tping. Once you are hit your in pvp) . Attempting to use a modified client to gain an advantage over another player isn't allowed. You cannot join a town just to steal their items, nor can you invite someone into your town just to steal their items. We have gone to great lengths to disable anything in Tekkit that we have found overpowered or damaging to the server, and, should we find that any item in the game is actually harming gameplay, then we will do our best to remove, disable, or nerf it. We do not allow advertising of other servers or anyone putting down our server. We are running a community, so the presence of younger ears is possible so keep the bad language out. Do not harass staff! We are doing a the best we can and don’t need back talk from a upset player.

We prefer not to ban unless it’s a major offense, but do not try our patience. We will give a fair warning before temp ban/mute and if you continue you will be perm ban/muted. Again MAJOR offenses will automatically be banned once noticed. You may attempt a ban.


- No destruction of blocks inside spawn or towns

- No abuse of game mechanics

- No harassing other players or staff

- No avoiding combat once a combat tag has been initiated, and no logging out to avoid combat

*upon being Grey-listed you will be reminded of the rules, you are responsible for following them*


Industrial Craft: Miner, Dynamite, Industrial TNT, QuantumSuit Set, Dynamite-O-Mote, Sticky Dynamite, Teleport Tether, Nuke, Mining Pipe

Redpower: Pump

Build Craft: Filler, World Anchor, Dimensional Anchor, Terraformer, Item transport pipes(using of)

Equivalent Excahange: Nova Catalyst, Nova Cataclysm, DM Pedestal, Destruction Catalyst, Evertide Amulet, Volcanite Amulet, Black Hole Band, Ring Of Ignition, Archangle's Smite, Hyperkinetic Lens, Swiftwolf's Rending Gale, Watch Of Flowing Time, Catalytic Lens, Zero Ring, All armors, Mercurial Eye, Ring Of Arcana, Mind Stone, Void Ring, Transmutation Tablets, Energy condenser, Collector MK3, Relay MK3

Rail Craft: TNT Cart, Tunnel Bore, Anchor Cart

Weapon Mod: Fire Rod, Cannon, Cannon Ball, Dynamite

Tube Stuff: Black Hole Chest, Duplicator

Computer Craft: All Turtles

UUM recipes: Restone, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Diamond, Copper Ore

There are a few more items you can craft but not use because they are for crafting other items that are not banned. There will be a proper blacklist post on our site as its too much to list here.



How to create a town: /town new <name>

How to invite a player to the town: /town add <name>

How to make a player a town assistant: /town assistant add <name>

How to claim plots: /town claim

How to sell and claim towny plots to residents: /plot forsale <price>, /plot claim

How to manage your town: /town mayor ?

How to make a nation: /nation new <name>

How to see money upkeeps in towny: /towny prices

How to see every other command for towny: /town ?, /towny ?, /nation ?, /resident ?

Chat system:

Local channel: /l message

Global channel: /g message

Town chat: /tc message

Nation chat: /nc message

Teleporting commands:

Home: /home

Spawn: /spawn

Warps: /warp <name>



The Main spawn Island


The Mine World Spawn


The informational and market island


The Town spawn teleporter ship

Obtainable Ranks:

Architect: Architects need to have perseverance and a building attitude. They will be involved in many ongoing projects over the course of time. They may even be used in large scale community projects. These members are of huge importance in the grand scheme of things, so be prepared to do a lot of fun projects, but also logging in some hours. These are not obtained through an application as much as your desire to build and want to learn new techniques.

Moderator: Mods are hand picked by the admins based on their ability to be trusted as well as how they handle situations that may arise in the game. They are also expected to set an example as to how the players should act and shouldn’t disrespect any player in any way, form, shape, or fashion.


Can I craft an Energy Condenser/Flying Ring/other disabled item?

No, for one reason or another it takes away from gameplay or lags up server. SO to keep the server up and fun we have them banned for a reason.

How do I make a town?

You can make a town by gathering up $40,000 (ingame currency), then using the command /t new <name>. The server uses Towny for the commands, full documentation can be found here:


You mean I need to earn money for a town? How do I get money?

You earn money various ways, you can:

- Mine Items to make time cards

- Vote

- Sell items using WebAuction

- Kill Mobs at the Mobcave

I don't want to make a town though, are there any towns I can join?

Certainly! We do not have a “starter” town, but you can join one of the other towns players have made.

I’d rather just join a player-made town, how do I do that?

You can ask the town owner/assistants if you can join, but don’t spam them! If they decline, just move on and find a different town. Some towns also have applications up on the forums at http://www.onetickgaming.info/forum

How do I teleport places?



Someone just killed me, and he’s not giving my stuff back, help!

This is a heavy Player versus Player (PvP) server, this is normal. Please do not constantly fill chat with requests about getting your items back, most players will not return the items because it is not required of them to do so.

I need help, who can I contact?

If you just have a simple player dispute, try to resolve it with that player. Otherwise, you can ask a mod to look into it. If it’s a more severe issue, look into contacting an admin. Any other questions can be handled on forums or by filling out a ticket in game and waiting for an admin to get to you.

Helpful Links:

Forums: http://www.onetickgaming.info/forum

Tekkit Wiki: http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tekkit_Wiki

Towny Commands: http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/Commands

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Hello, I submitted an application for this server in the white list section of the forum, however this thread suggest that this is unnecessary. I would appreciate it if some one cleared this up for me.


The server was previously a greylist, but has recently become open without need to apply in any way. In a way, you could call it a public release.

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The server's central city, Rome, with its 50+ inhabitants have sacked Rome and laid it to ruin! Rome's denizens have scattered across the edges of the server and have formed into three distinct factions that now provide ample player vs player opportunities.

The three factions

The High Heavens - Led by Myself and TobiasMage

Hell - Led by Alexkiller

New Haven - Led by Billybilly

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