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How to get lava from nether into geothermal generator

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What I want to do is have lava being collected from the Nether by a BC Pump and it going into a Geothermal Generator in the overworld. The problem is that the Deployer no longer collects liquids from tanks, no matter what mod they're from (I've tried BC and Railcraft). The lava needs to be in buckets or cells for the Geothermal Generator to accept it though. There is no Liquid Transposer either. To put it simply, I need to get lava from pipes or from a tank of any kind into buckets. The rest is easy. Thanks for any help in advance! :)

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I know this is an old post, but i would try pumping from a tank into a flood gate  which will dispense lava above a deployer with empty buckets inside, add a redstone clock to automate the deployer, then extract the buckets out of the deployer?



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