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This is a different version of Technic Wars (This is being made with the permission of The_DarthMoogle) It will have a somewhat similar story line, but I will try and make it differ as many ways as possible. If none of you have seen the original Technic Wars thread then I will explain what it basically is. People who use Equivalent Exchange are warring against people who use Industrial Craft. If anyone is interested in joining me there will be a form farther down the post.

The Roles

Camera Person- We need someone to record the videos, preferrably someone who can put their graphics on fancy, and render distance far... if you can use Sphax PureBDCraft then that would be awesome(4 people needed)

Voice Actors- People need to be able to change their voices to act as different characters(4-6 People needed including actors)

Actors- 4 of these people will be the camera people. Anyways we need actors to play different parts, you can also be a voice actor while being an actor, but only voice actors will speak. (4 people needed, not including camera people)

Server hoster- We need a server to use, so if you can provide one thats great(1 person needed)

Builders- Obviously we need stuff built and these guys are going to build them!( 6 people needed)


In game name:

Why do you want to join in this project?

What role do you want to play?

Why do you want to play the role?

(I want good detailed answers on questions 1 & 4)


(Will be added later)

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