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The Unofficial Modpack! Now Official!

Darko Dom

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Welcome to The Unofficial Modpack!

U.M isn't exactly a new MP per say, but I left for a while and just now was able to fix it and add some more content! U.M features many mods and is still planned to grow further. Some of the key and my favorite mods are:

M-Ore Tree's: Tree's with ore leafs!

Thermal Expansion: Expanding the way you play!

Modular Powersuits and Turrets: Ever been called weak? Never again!

Dimensional Doors: Open pathways to new places!

Majorsmask's Mod: ???

Mystcraft: Making reading all the more fun!

Galacticcraft: To space and beyond!

Enhanced Portals: Always wished you could control your portals a bit more? Now you can!

And that's only a few of the ever growing mods!


The MP as has a working Server Pack for you to test out. It's still undergoing some work but the testing pack is (mostly) bug free and working.


If you wish to help with the pack or test out some things for me feel free to ask.


Farewell, hope to see you soon.

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