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Dungeoneering and Adventure - Need Programmers and Artists


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As of 08/03/16 this project is back on its feet from an original concept back in 2013. Rethought and reinvented with the same core idea. We're looking for programmers to help us create what we need to make this happen! Currently the plan is to take a few existing mods and create quite a few of our own.


What's the concept?: The core idea behind this project is to create a Dungeoneering style adventure where parties of people can venture into these dungeons and find loot, powerful monsters and bosses as well as having a PvP environment and large scale battles.

There will be a hub world where people can gather, trade items and form guilds, a dungeon world where the dungeons will be located and a normal
world where people can build fight and find dungeons.


What we need:

Programmers, first and foremost. This can't happen if we don't have at least 4 people programming

Artists: Once we have our foundation we'll need textures; For weapons mobs blocks and the like.

Builders: Again once we have our procedural generated dungeons we'll need to have people to actually build the server

and lastly we'll need Testers but not until everything is finished. Finding bugs and keeping it bug free will be really important to the success of the project, but there won't be anything to test till near and at completion


We use discord and if you have an interest in the project please feel free to join and hang out.


Happy modding!

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