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[3.1.2]Choicecraft Tekkit[PvP][40 slots][Chestshops/Grief Protection/Worldguard][No EE]


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Request Whitelisting: www.choicecraft.net

Server IP: tekkit.choicecraft.net / 40 slots / Available 24/7




No use of bugs, cheats, exploits, duping, xray, etc

No asking for items

No trash talk or social prejeduce

You must be 16+

No Sharing Accounts

No Whining

20 Machines Per Chunk (spread out machines)

All machine systems need kill switches

PvP Enabled (no crying when you get killed)



Every Player Gets at least a 100 x 100 Protected Zone (Only Protects Blocks/Chests/Doors)

New to Tekkit? We have a physical tutorial to help.

Our Staff Is Here to Help with your machines

PVP Enabled Everywhere (Other than Trial World Lots)

Traps / Grief Allowed

Purchase Land Regeneration with in game money

Rent a Shop in the Mall

Separate world for automated mining!!!

Separate world for trialists!

Each player is given 2 world anchors

Railways to get around

Dedicated Server up 24/7

Knowledgeable Staff

True Survival (Our Staff Will Give You Nothing)


One of several types of servers in the Choicecraft family. This server has been active since June 2012, we have an active community with a staff dedicated to keeping the server fun, lag free, and growing. Our players all have a protected world guarded 100 x 100 zone that they pick to build on (can still be killed). When joining you have a protected lot and protected world to learn the server and settle in. This is great for both players experienced with Tekkit and people just learning. We have attempted to disable as little as possible to give a complete Tekkit experience. We don’t tolerate cheating or exploiting of any kind. But strongly encourage our players to be creative and use everything within Tekkit.


We also have taken quarries and automated mining off our main world and have a world designated just for this type of mining keeping mainworld free for development. You can use a rented lot to store/sort your items and take them home to create in main world.


Stargates • iConomy (shops) • LiveMaps (Dynamap)

Block Logging (grief protection) • Worldguard • Simple Region Market

Chestshops • Multiverse




Complete rules can be found here

Vist our website: http://www.choicecraft.net

Request whitelist here

Tekkit Livemap

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