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Let's Build an Automatic super-fast EMC Farm!


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Hello, My name is NathanLuxe, and i have been playing mine craft for about six months, and Tekkit for a month. Today I decided to film my first episode, where I took the well knows Sugar Cane EMC farm and made it automatic by just using some tubes, a filter, and a timer.

If you liked my video be sure to press that subscribe button, It will do no harm :)

Also make sure you pressed that like button, and If you have anything to comment - feel free.

PM me if you want - I would to grow with this awesome community! :)


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Have you ever seen BrenyBeasts milk farm? The way he made the whole starcture underground and you cAn only see the chest?

Well I thought that could happen. Diamond are made every seconds, maybe even less! Play a bit with the timer

And im not 100% sure if sugar needs sunlight when it got the harvest ring working

Please, can you check it out for me? :)

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