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[3.1.2] Haven's Cove [PvE][30 slots][Greylist][LWC,CoreProtect,Dynmap][Limited EE][No WR, CC]


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Think you've got what It takes to brave the new found land of Haven? To tame the wilds and plunder them of their rich resources?

If so, join us at Haven's Cove!

IP: mc.havenscove.net



Haven's Cove is a 24/7 Player versus Environment survival server aimed at players of all ages. We go to great lengths to ensure that all players have a fun and peaceful playing experience.

All new players are welcome to play, provided that they can follow the rules in place and act in a mature manner.

Haven's Cove has a 0 tolerance for griefing, theft and abuse. We play by the rule "If it's not yours, don't touch it!" Any issues are taken care of to the best of the Lords and Overlords abilities.

Plugins such as Mob arena, LWC, World Guard, Dynmap and many more help ensure that players are able to have fun and play fairly.


The in game economy is fairly stable with the restriction of EE based items and the carefully selected sellable items. Commands that require money ensure that you have to work if you want to to move around the world with ease.

Mob Arena

Haven's Cove proudly boasts a lore driven mob arena. Unlike most servers, the arena is constantly being tinkered with to ensure fairness and fun while at the same time rewarding the player for a job well done.


At Haven's Cove we're STRONGLY against griefing and theft. Players are always pressured to play by the rules, but unfortunately bad eggs exist everywhere. For the occasional grief or theft, we use the best avaliable plugins to rollback and restore the victims property. Any rules breakers are quickly found and harshly dealt with.


Below are a few of the more "interesting" plugins that Havens Cove runs.

  • PEx
  • CoreProtect
  • LWC
  • Dynmap
  • Emotions
  • Tekkit Restrict
  • Stargate
  • NoSwearPlus


Haven's Cove Tekkit is generally similar to most other survival servers. But there is also some lore found in many of the official areas!

Generally every new map (new maps aren't common, don't worry) players will take on the role of a different groups trying to survive the threats of Haven. The lore can be found throughout officially constructed areas. Such as the spawn, arenas, special events and occasionally on the forum. These groups will pave the way to later PvP and world PvP events.

Of course, you can choose to ignore the lore if you just want to build. In no way is it crucial to the survival aspect of the game.

The current map follows the initial landing of mercenaries employed to take control of Haven and the previous followed the story of a group of shipwreck survivors who discovered a dark secret about the isle... (don't worry about missing lore, keep reading below)

Current and previous groups

Dragon Mercenaries

Follow a vicious band of mercenaries who have been employed to secure, protect and destroy any threats to the land that their employers want to hold so desperately. The Dragons Mercenaries are renowned for their capital ship "The Vixen." The only warship strong enough to safely penetrate the vicious storms that surround the new found land.


Struggle with the survivors of a wrecked oil tanker who must try and hold out in Haven until rescue arrives! Dodge the mercenary threat and try and unlock the secrets left by the long dead natives of the land. This group carries the grunt of the lore and will be the center point for everything.

As you might have been able to guess, signs aren't really the greatest story telling tool but there is an on going project to expand and tell the story in finer detail.


Original ship schematic "Cloud Chaser" by Revolve.


Bored of just making machines, magic stuffs and have nothing else to work on?

Want to be paid by the server for building something?

Build a colony!!

On Haven's Cove you can build a colony in any design that you wish, you just need to ensure that it has the specified buildings and infrastructure. When you're doe, you earn some money to split between the builders! You can spend this money at server or player stores.

To find more information and specifications visit the Havens Cove forum.



Fairly simple stuff.


Do not, for any reason, abuse a player or use any foul language.


Treat other players with respect at ALL times..


X-raying, cheating, using any mods not included in the tekkit pack or using 3rd party programs to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.


Griefing is never acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to: destroying players' creations, stealing power from a source that is not yours, stealing crops and livestock, or inventory from any chest or machine.


Games have problems, known as bugs or glitches. Don't abuse them, we don't need the trouble.




Feel free not to troll. We have ban hammers.


Don't kill other players by any means unless in a designated PvP area (drowning, burning, etc). If you feel a little sly or tricky, lethal traps are not the way to go.


Don't break into another players' structure. This is not only griefing, but it is also trespassing.


If you didn't build it or place it, don't touch it.


It is NOT okay to steal from a chest, condenser, machines or anything similar under ANY circumstances. You WILL be punished..


The Overlords and Lords own your life. Obey them.


Read. Everything.

Breaking these rules will generally result in a lengthy jail sentence.

Repeated or severe offences may result in a ban.


Applying for build rights (Commoner rank)

At any time you can join and chat to other players, but if you want to interact with the world you will need to apply on the Have's Cove website.


Applying is fairly simple, there are signs in game and simple instructions found at the top of every forum page.

Basically create a new forum account, read the instructions at the top of any page, follow the links, read the rules and fill in the provided template.


Our system is typical, but re-skinned. To save everyone the trouble of deciphering our system, we have done it for you.


You can't do anything, stop asking and go submit a commoner application..


You can build, hooray! You can't use lava or flint. TNT and Nuclear Bombs are disabled for everyone.

Lock limit: 15

How to get: Apply in the Promotions board.


You get chat colours, extra homes and locks, your own region, /back on death, the ability to make blocks a hat, fun emotions, and can use trade signs.

Lock limit: 35 Region limit: 50x50

How to get: As a Commoner, donate $10 or more to our further your crime base.


You're a hero. You get everything a Commoner does, but you can also use lava and flint, and a small land bonus. Thanks for being awesome.

Lock limit: 32 Region limit: 25x25

How to get: Apply in the Promotion board after spending at least two weeks as a Commoner.


Landlords. You're not only a hero, but you get bigger regions, more locks, and nicknames!

Lock limit: None. Region limit: 150x150

How to get: Donate $10 or more to our Noble cause.


Moderators. They can do almost anything.

How to get: Apply in the Promotion Boards when there is an opening. Otherwise you will be immediately denied and hurt your future reputation.



How to get: You don't, so don't try.


Disabled Mods

Unfortunately some mods and items have been disabled due to Lag, server instability and potential griefing. Time has been spent to resolve issues with these in order to re-enable and balance them as much as possible.

  • Wireless redstone
  • Computercraft

Item placement limits

Equivalent Exchange

  • Mk1 Collectors - x6
  • Mk2 Collectors - x16
  • Mk3 Collectors - x6Condensers - x6

Please note that the collector speeds have been severely nerfed.


  • Red Power Logic - x16 (Quite possibly increased in the future, also note that these can only be placed by the Thane and Noble ranked players.)

Disabled Items

Our long term goal is to provide a stable, balanced and fun experience for all players. Steps have been taken to remove or balance over powered items and blocks. Although people may not see the benefits of this, it's done purely to increase the overall enjoyment of the player and keep a steady pace for the server itself.

A list of Disabled items can be found below.

Equivalent Exchange

  • Catalytic Lens.
  • Destruction Catalyst.
  • Hyperkinetic Lens.
  • Mercurial Eye.
  • Ring of Ignition.
  • Ring of Arcana.
  • Volcanite Amulet.
  • Nova Catalyst.
  • Nova Cataclysm.
  • Infernal Armor.
  • Abyss Helmet.
  • Evertide Amulet.
  • Gem Armour.
  • Watch Of Flowing Time


  • Balkon weapon mod "projectile" weapons. - Work through "no PvP zones."
  • Crystal Chests.
  • World Anchors.
  • Nukes.
  • (I)TnT.
  • Force field Components.
  • Mining Laser.
  • Teleport Pies.



That pretty much covers what Haven's Cove has to offer. if it interests you, feel free to drop by to apply and play.

IP: mc.havenscove.net


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