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Very bizarre graphical glitch in Legends, makes it unplayable



I was trying to play Legends, but after installing and launching it for the first time, it had a very serious graphical error. The screen is black while Forge is loading the mods and whatnot, and when it gets to the title screen, it's all white with the panorama shrunk and in the bottom left corner. Upon clicking a button (I had to guess where they were), the screen turns all white. The entire time, the console gets spammed with a GL error. It says post render and invalid framebuffer operation. I did manage to create a world by pretty much blind luck, but after the normal dirt screen absolutely nothing rendered except the fog. There was this weird glitchy thing in the upper-right corner that changed as I looked around. This must have been what little "rendering" it could do. Same GL error spam the whole time. This happened launch after launch.

Also, I don't think the chat rendered either.

Never mind, found someone else who had the same problem and fixed it after looking a second time.

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