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64-bit Java so laggy!


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I have an 8g 64-bit laptop, and when I play vanilla minecraft with 64-bit java, I get high fps. But, every modpack is super laggy! When i switch to 32-bit java the modpacks run smoothly, but vanilla minecraft gets low fps.:bang: Someone please help! I have a core i7-5500U intel graphics card.

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I found this video for you, I havn't tried it but I hope it works.


          FOR THE 1ST OPTION


If your on windows you first click the windows button on your keyboard or at the bottom left or wherever on your toolbar, type in the Search Programs And Files %appdata%

click on the .technic option and then click modpacks then select the modpack you want then change what the video says in the options.txt



Click the windows button on your keyboard or bottom left on your toolbar, Below your computer name 4 items below and right click the computer option and click proporties

and by the Installed Memory (RAM) and just do the rest of the video.



Sorry If I didn't help that much.

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