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Issues with liquid flow in new Tekkit Legends server.


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I recently installed Tekkit Legends on a fresh server hosted with Fluctis hosting. I installed the latest modpack (1.1.1) and everything works great. The only issue I am having is with liquids. When you remove a water source block in a cave the rest of the water does not dissipate, instead you have to place a block on every single space where the water was touching. I am having this same issue with lava and oil. Another issue is that when I place a bucket of lava/water it does not flow, it simply sits as a single block. Does anyone have any advice as to what could cause this as well as how I can fix it?


tl;dr: Water doesn't flow. Source water block being removed doesn't remove the water it was creating.


Edit: Here is an example


Edit2: Just to tack on a little more information, sand and gravel do not fall appropriately. They will stay in the air for a while until you leave the area and come back.

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