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DynamiteRemote Block error


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I'm getting instantly disconnect from my local host server with the following error:

IC2 id mismatch (block.blockDynamiteRemote: expected 235, got 238)

I checked the config files in both the server and the technic launcher both are saying to give it 235 so I'm unsure of why the error is even starting.

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1. [exsample on my pc were it was found.] C:\Users\PatEvans\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\config

2. open this in notpad.exe > IC2.cfg

3. edit this blockDynamite=236









in that file to thoughs numbers above.

4. close ur terkit client and hit save on the file menu on this IC2.cfg file

and reopen ur terkit client if all gose well it should load up like

mine did.

5. I hope this helps out Cuz I had the same error but it was expected 238 and got 235

for some odd reason :S ?

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