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My First Survival Map. YAY!


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EDIT: PROJECT DISCONTINUED;Now making Epic 2.0 (it will be MUCH better).

Hello, this is my first survival map, so hope you like and enjoy!

Version:v1.0.0, Use with Tekkit 1.3.2, Not advised for SMP (I haven't tried it out yet, but I don't think it works).

The seed is 3706105657386346601 and you can find the link for it here:



1)No creative mode, spawning items in, or cheating.

2)Do what the instructions say. If you are going to do it, do it right.

3)Have fun with it; once you get to the lab, it's all yours.


1) Behind you is a house; around the the front is an iron door. You may see the lever you need to get to. Use any way you can think of to get inside.

2)On the first floor, there is a crafting table and furnace under the stairs. On the top floor, there is a bed, ender chest, transmutation tablet, and nether portal.

3)Get all the stuff you want and then go to the teleporter behind the house. Also, get the bed, but you won't need the crafting table and furnace. If you want to, make a way point so you can visit later.

4)Go through the teleporter and when you come out the other side, step on the pressure plate in front of you. Then, head to the other teleporter on the volcano. A house here would be useful, for the laboratory is an open platform with one torch.

5)That's all until I update it if I do. Have fun!




I will put up some more snapshots later. Imgur happened to be down.

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