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You decide what i do, lets play technicpack together


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Hey boys and girls of Technic/tekkit/minecraft!

My name is cheeziedoodlez and i have started a series on minecraft, currently technicpack that i would like to share with you, so that you either can give me constructive critic or find a new series you enjoy and that you want to have a part in.

My real name is Kristoffer Veum, and I'm 18 years old, and i enjoy hanging out with friends, and playing games. I am quite creative, witch i will show you if you give me the chance to do so. Also, i can play other games if you are interested in seeing gameplay from other games.

The thing about my series is that I am only the builder, the one doing the hard stuff.

You guys, can basicly tell me to do whatever you ever wanted to see another man do in minecraft, or that you wanted, but never had the time to.

May contain strong language.

Link is there -> http://youtu.be/9ZYU0GesMEM

so, let me know what you think, and Tank you for watching:)

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