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The Old Server Join Crash.



Hello, forumgoers (and hopefully saviors). I'm having everyone's favorite B-Team problem, crashing upon attempting to load a world. As you all know, this is a super fun problem that really enhances gameplay, cutting out that unimportant junk and leaving you with the best bits: Menus. Fortunately for me, I'm great at reading crash reports! Unfortunately for me, I'm only great at reading crash reports from N64 games that would actually generate the reports (so really, just Paper Mario and OOT). The game demanded RAM, so I game it RAM. Now it crashes the instant any world dares to load in its presence, be it local or server. Oh, brave forum heroes, kindly look over my humbly provided crash report and tell me how little i know (and ideally educate me). This may not be the right report, and if it isn't, please tell me what folder I can find it in. http://pastebin.com/13vvjY5Q

Sincerely, a Damsel in Distress.

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