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[Technic 7.2]Skyblock Revamped - Matt_192


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Hey guys this is my first survival map so be nice please :). I've already played through Skyblock and completed it. It was great so I went and looked online for some others. After looking for a while I didn't notice many Technic/Tekkit versions so I decided to make one myself. It's still in the early stages or devolpement but alright for a first release. Most vanilla items are obtainable excluding most Nether items and End items. For the rest of it though, you're on your own!


http://imgur.com/a/7wCHW (Album of them)

Download Link:


Overall I've spent a lot of time incorperating most mods into the map. I went out just trying to add in IC2, but as I carried on I started adding things like Redpower and RailCraft, until most of Technic was covered lol. If you need help, head to the TNT island first. The island you are on right now only has a rubber tree and so far when I've played it's literally been impossible to get one back. Also, if no sapling comes back the first time, spawn one in thats ok


1) No random jumping off islands just to get food and health back -.- Seriously, it's for idiots.

2) Also, no playing on peaceful. Thats for noobs :P

3) No going to the mainland. Kinda obvious but people might try once they get 400 Cobblestone

4) No cheating. Leave NEI on Recipe Mode if you're tempted

5) You may only spawn the sapling back ONCE and only if the FIRST one gives you none,


1) Build a Cobblestone Generator

2) Get 64 Logs

3) Get 10 Stacks of Cobblestone overall

4) Obtain 1 Diamond

5) Build a IC2 Generator

6) Build 2 machines out of: Macerator, Compressor or Extractor

7) Build 1 Advanced Machine

8) Get a full set of Iron Armour. If you are struggling, Zombies can help :)

9) Get a Stack of Fences

10) Go to the Nether

11) Build a Powered Rail

12) Build an Alloy Furnace

13) Make a Wheat Farm

14) Obtain 1 Aerternalis Fuel (Can't spell it lol)

15) Obtain 1 Dark Matter

16) Obtain a Stack of Insulated Copper Cables

17) Obtain a Stack of 4x Insulated HV Cable

18) Craft a Philosphers Stone

19) Craft a Transmutation Tablet

20) Craft an Energy Collector MK1, 2 and 3

21) Craft an Energy Relay MK1, 2 and 3

22) Obtain a second Energy Condenser

23) Craft a Fishing Rod

24) Craft an Evertide Amulet

25) Craft a Volcanite Amulet

26) Craft a Quarry (Can't mine much though)

27) Craft an Enchantment Table

28) Get a Level 50 Enchanted Item

29) Create a Sugar Cane Farm

30) Create a Cactus Farm

31) Build a Brick House with 16 Glass Panes

32) Get 64 TNT

33) Obtain 1 Red Matter

34) Obtain a full set of Red Matter Tools (Including Shears)

35) Obtain a full set of Red Matter Armour

Well thats definetly a lot to be getting on with. This map does use endless amounts of transmuting and will take a VERY long time. If Challenge 34 and 35 are too hard don't complete them and I''ll remove/change them in the next update. Thanks guys please sent screenies of your progress and thanks for reading!

EDIT 22/11: Should I make a Tekkit Map of this as well including Forestry? Mainly just for MP Servers.

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