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Enabling warping on my server

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I know nothing about minecraft servers, I just downloaded this :

The server works just fine and I can play with my friends.

I would like to have a feature that lets people on the server use a command to teleport back to their home.

Is there a simple fix to this ? I've looked around and seen nice mods that would likely suit my needs but they are for later server versions and this server pack is 1.5.2 only.

What would a good way to implement this ?


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How do I add this to my server ? I tried downloading the essentials.jar and putting it in the mod folder then restarting the server and it did not work.

Please bear with me as I know absolutely nothing about minecraft servers !

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The real answer is :

Rename your hexxit.jat to hexxit-original.jar

download mcpc+ for 1.5.2 and rename it to hexxit.jar and place it where your hexxit.jar was. here is the link

Make sure you are running java 7 on your server machine and launch your server.

This will create a plugins folder, place your plugins in there and launch your server again.

That worked out nicely for me.

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