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Dark Force Media's Let's Plays


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So you want a new Let's play experience? Looking for a way to get your name out there? Well the answer is finally here.

A friend of mine and I have created a let's play channel @ YouTube.com/darkforcemedia we do all sorts of let's plays. Presently we have an on going tekkit series, and a recently started technic pack series.

We also have planned, hack/mine, yogbox, minecraft, and even more minecraft related stuff. (As well as other things.)

We are looking to make a LP community, where we can network and support each other. And even appear in each other's videos. As well as swap ideas.

If you have a server feel free to invite us there, we will also be doing server reviews.

If your interested in joining our community please email me at [email protected] or Skype me at sirhugh3s

If you'd like to have server review done just email me.

Otherwise please watch enjoy, and have fun! Don't forget to subscribe and like up our videos!

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