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Wooden Conductive Pipe Corrupting Map?


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We're playing on the latest dev version.

Well, recently our server had some issues with our map getting corrupted. The server owner asked me if I had been using a certain item (not the pipe), I forget what it was, but that was a no. But when I finished my house and was starting to set up my quarry, it crashed again when I tried placing a wooden conductive pipe, it crashed again (and that was when I remembered that was exactly what I had been doing when it crashed the first time).

Sooo... Yeah, is there any possible way around this? I don't know if the owner will be willing to go back to the recommended build and not having access to wooden conductive pipes is rather crippling to my efforts to power my quarry :/. I also tried googling the issue but couldn't find anything about wooden conductive pipes corrupting maps :S

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