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Feed The Fat Beast (Modded Minecraft) Let's Play #HighFashion


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Hellllloooo people of teeeekkiiittt!!!! dun dun dun....

I am of course mrsoundguy and i am pleased to present you my new channel and lets play! it is currently feed the beast which is beeaassstt ;D but yea here is some info about the series.

Even thought the series is still fresh and new i have some awesome plans for the future. I intend on being a whore....resource whore. Thats right Storage warehouses all the massive tasty ores i shall achieve. Another thing...none of this "WOOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES DESIGNS" I'm fully original bro, so none of this "HV SOLAR ALL TEH WAY" i shall be creative with my designs, build my own chernobyl reactor plant (only 1,2 and 3. Im scared of 4 :P ) i want to take over the world. Be a quarry whore. HELLS YEA!

Some information about me.

Well what can i say.....im a creepy little asshole.....jkjk i strive at supplying quality entertainment using smirky comments and cheap remarks on what i see. But what gives me the power to makes these videos is that i am currently doing a cert (australian word for college) in Media which includes after effects, photoshop and general VFX stuff. But what settles me apart from the rest of the peeps that upload these types of videos is that i like to play manny different games. Like WarZ, Battlefield, COD (not much), Grand theft Auto (V, IV and SA (MTA)), ARMA (DayZ) and many others.

Anyway thats enough reading for now here is some link's to the stuff.

My channel of awesomeness: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrSoundGuyPlaysOnPC?feature=mhee

And My First Video of Feed The Beast!; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLXm40nf3sA&feature=plcp

Thanks for your time babes <3 hope to talk to you all soon.

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