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[3.1.2]Dead Zone [PVP/PVE][50 Slots][Op Stuff Disabled][Griefprotect][MCMMO]

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Welcome to Dead Zone !

Server IP

We are a fairly new server Created on 1st of november!

We are aiming for players who like both Pvp and Pve, we have also pvp protected zones!

Our server has a Border, this will expand when more players arrive or resources become scarse

Factions is installed on our server for those who want to use it !

We have a helpfull team of staff standing ready to help you in case of any problems occur

Our server will be up 99.9% Of the time 24/7!

Kind regards,

The Staff.

What were looking for:

We are looking for nice and mature players who like to have a fun on a well balanced server.

Currently we still are working on a lot of things to make it better for the players, Mutch features to come !

If you wanna join our staff, and you think you have the things we need contact us and we lay out our terms and conditions


- No Racism

- No Spam

- No advertising

- No griefing (only allowed if the material is not protected)

- No hacking and X-ray (will result in Ip ban)

- No pvp in cities

If the rules above are not obayed, you will be punished this can be a temporary jail or at the worst a Ip ban.

Server Specifications:

- The server is currently run in america.

- 6gb Ram

- Is running on a T1 line

atm its running at 6Gb Ram (will be upgraded when needed) and has a T1 Line


- WorldBorder

- Vault

- Mcmmo

- FoundDiamonds

- Lagmeter (very helpfull tool to see who's is lagging)

- War

- Citizens 2

- GriefProtection

- Essentials

- Factions

- Cookiemonster

Banned Item's:

- Rm morningstar (too destructive)

- Rm/Dm hammer (Rather to balance)

- Rm Furnace

- Energy Collectors

- Disc Drive (Banned againt duping items)

- Destructive Rings

- Gem chest and helm

- Nova Cataclyst

- Nova Cataclysm

- Divining Rod lvl3

- Mining Turtle (Not grief protected)

- Nuke's

- Mining Laser

Coming Soon:

- Rank system

Mod's: ALL tekkit mods are enabled!

Server uptime: 24/7! And Lag free !

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