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[3.1.3] JCMC Taw Servers. Creative/Survival Dedicated 24/7 [NEW][24gb]


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The Art of Ware fare is now coming to Tekkit 100%. We already have a stable multiworld server tested in both creative and survival! 6 worlds so far and could grow even more with progressive feedback! So shoot us your ideas


Heres the bit that most people come to see. We tried to keep as much in the game as we could, but still be an enjoyable place to be for the majority:-

  • Nukes
  • Trangulators
  • Wireless Trackers
  • REPs
  • All world anchors
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Evertide and Volcanic Amulet
  • Rings of ignition, arcane, zero and void
  • Quantumsuit bodyarmour
  • Mining laser
  • Arcane Tome
  • Buffer
  • Alchemical
  • DM pedastel
  • RM furnace (Duper bug fixing)
  • Red morning star


Here are some plugins we are using! Subject to change!

  • Multiverse
  • Essentials
  • Antigrief coreprotect
  • Factions
  • Votifier
  • GMListener
  • Worldedit
  • Worldguard
  • Worldborder (Each world has 10,000 blocks from spawn)
  • Groupmanager
  • Tekkit Restrict
  • CreativeGates

Thankyou all plugin creators for these excellent works for the server!


We are currently recruiting people who meet these requirements.

  • 16 years of age+
  • Have a mature ethic
  • Have a Microphone
  • Have Teamspeak 3 (IP jcminecraft.net)
  • Have some form of experience
  • Have an active presence already in the server

Please note all accepted staff will work their way up from moderator and are subject to a Teamspeak 3 interview.


Joining is simple just follow these simple steps:-

  1. Download Technic Launcher (http://www.technicpack.net/download/)
  2. Launch the game and select Tekkit in the mod packs
  3. Hit options and choose the latest development build (3.1.3)
  4. Type in your login details and connect
  5. Click multiplayer and add server (IP: Jcminecraft.net)
  6. Enjoy your stay

All default members gain access to all survival worlds. People who want can choose to play in the creative worlds but will not be able to play both sets of worlds**

Many thanks from the TAW JCMC team. See you in game :)

** All players and veterans will have the opportunity to gain trusted exempt ranks in the future and Donations will also make this more of a reality.

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