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[1.1.1] Limelight Gaming [PvE][#50]


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Server Information
Community: Limelight Gaming
Game Type: Tekkit Legends


Explore, create and develop with Tekkit Legends!


Limelight Gaming was founded in August 2015 with it's flagship, Garry's Mod CityRP, and now we're expanding out into other areas to provide a better experience for all to enjoy! Limelight is committed to ensuring the best possible user experience, with a world renowned staff team in its current field of Garry's Mod. With the growing interest of Tekkit Legends, we have opened a server and you're all invited!

You will begin your adventure in a humble village in mid stage of the technical development where you find yourself with the task of survival. With very little, you are to ensure you and your friends can dominate the land and become rich and more advanced than anyone you stumble upon.


  • Control your own land with Towny. A plugin that allows your claim land in exchange of virtual currency 
  • Custom made village to relax and meet up with your friends 
  • Vast range of mods to keep you on your toes and test your technical capability 
  • Fight your enemies to the death with our wide range of the themed arenas for the change to win money (Coming Soon) 
  • Buy raw materials in the village with our NPC shopping features (Coming Soon)


  • Griefing is not tolerated
  • Racism, homophobia and any other form of disrespect is not tolerated
  • Hacking, cheating or exploiting is not allowed and will be dealt with according to the severity of the situation
  • Show courtesy to other players on the server as we're a community first and foremost.

Since its release, we've had a select handful of players from our Garry's Mod servers jump to the opportunity of playing our new Tekkit Legends server. This server is open to the public and is online 24/7.


Limelight Gaming Administrative Team

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