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Crash after multiplayer login.

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Whenever I log on to my server, Tekkit crashes within 5 seconds. The server owner can see that I logged in, and I can move for the few seconds before the crash. Then, the screen goes into the dirt background then to white. It won't close or register to the server owner that I am not logged in anymore.

I have tried logging in to another server with the same IP and no other discernible difference file-wise or configuration-wise and it worked.

Nobody else has tried to log in to that server besides myself and the owner. The owner has no issues. I've tried re-downloading Technic Launcher, and still can't get in. I've also allocated more space for Tekkit.

What could the problem be? Thanks!

EDIT: The server owner put down ten steam engines and a quarry right before it started. We decided to try breaking it and now it works.

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