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Okay, so when ever i try to join a server it says this " The server requires you to have these following mods : mod_computercraft 1.33, mod_ccturtle1.33, mod_railcraft 5.3.3, mod_ic2 v1.97

This says i have none of those mods but i DO! In the main page where you choose to go single player or multiplayer it says 41 mods. so clearly i do have the mods! Even when i go on singleplayer and go trough the not so many items thing i see the requirements that i need to join the servers. i have all those mods but its NOT letting me join them because it says that :(. i redownloaded and everything i deleted the .jar and all that but still it says i dont have the mods :( help me please i want to play tekkit online!

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