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My worlds get corrupted and unplayable.


Hello, recently i started playing the Tekkit Legends modpack, and yesterday, the game crashed out of no where, and when i tried to log back into my singleplayer world, the game would just implodes and the launcher shows up. At first i didn't mind that too much, since a couple minutes earlier i made a backup of the map. Today, it happened again, i woke up this morning, launched the pack entered the world, suprise surprise, now world for me, the game crashed and now the world is corrupted, again. I had another backup, i used that, but now, even my backup got corrupted and the game crashed when i enter it (when i select "playworld" the screen gets to the "loading level" part, then i flashes the main menu and it closes itself). This pisses me off, A LOT, since i spent a lot of hours on that single player world, and now it's gone. I looked around the internet and i found out about this "MCedit" program: i downloaded it, loaded my world, deleted all entitties but nothing. A lot of people suggested to use the "fix  chuncks" function, but there is no such thing in this version (it's the latest one).

here's a full report of the crash when i try to join my (single player) world:


Also,i tried to delete completely and reinstall the (tekkit legends) modpack, but same thing, i drop my backup file into the "saves" folder, restarting my pc, checking for java updates ecc. but it doesn't work.

My java: Java 8 update 91 (64 bit)

PC specs (laptop): 

CPU: Intel Core i7-5500U 2.40GHz (up to 2.93 since it's factory overclocked.)

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 820M 2GB video RAM; Intel HD Graphics 5500

RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600MHz

Monitor: Generic monitor 1366x768

All the drivers of my pc are up to date.


UPDATE: Apparently my fire wall was blocking some processes/download requests that minecraft needed. Now it works.

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