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[1.1.1] | PLAYTL.KINGPINNETWORK.ORG TEKKIT LEGENDS | [Survival Anti Grief PvE] [Factions Raiding PvP] [Custom Crates] [Fixed Items] | ASPIRING TEKKIT SERVER |

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KingpinNetwork Tekkit Legends



  • Factions
  • Survival
  • Anti-Grief (Block Protection)
  • No-Lag 20 TPS
  • Close to 0 banned items
  • Clean simple shops as spawn for easy access
  • Tutorials
  • Family Friendly
  • Custom Plugins
  • Dedicated Owners (looking for staff)


There is plenty of room in our community for newcomers, so come on in! KingpinNetwork was built upon the idea of creating a network consisting of a fun dedicated player base and creating a safe heaven for players to come a and not have to think about their daily busy lives. The KingpinNetwork was built upon trial and error; and over the years of research, we finally launched the KingpinNetwork! We are looking for all types of members...yes even you trolls have a place to call home. We discriminate no one! As of right now our network only offers Tekkit Legends due to minimal development issues, but we plan on releasing Hexxit, FTB, and many more modded minecraft servers in late August or early September of 2016; each of these modded servers will consist of mingames, casinos, and many more fun extras. We also have a good friend also working on a special modpack for our community (yet to be named or have a release date). Be sure to stay tuned in with us and as always,

Take the power you were meant to have! Be the Kingpin that you were born to be!

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