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[ApocGaming] B-Team | Mature | Teamspeak | Economy | Grief Prevention | No Lag | Factions | 24/7 Dedicated Server | Non Play2Win!

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Website: http://apocgaming.org | Server IP: BT.APOCGAMING.ORG

This server is connected to a 1.6.4 Bungee Network & Vanilla 1.6.4 HUB. Adding the domain to your server list will show a redX saying "Non FML Compatible Server" Ignore this. It is compatible. Once logged in you will be able to communicate with everyone from all of our 1.6.4 servers including staff.

For more information on our servers, network, status, wiki's, launchers, pack pages, and more checkout our server page here:


APOC is a community of gamers and a independently hosted minecraft network. We believe in offering as many choices as possible without restricting gameplay. If your a griefer, raider, like to pvp, or pve, or build stuff in peace, or join a faction and town and conquer your enemies. All of that and more is possible on APOC.

APOC hosts over 26 minecraft servers and grows more everyday. So even if you get bored with one server we have plenty more to offer afterwards. Meet friends and play together across our vast minecraft network.

APOC also encourages voting!

We have staff members online 24/7 across the whole network that answer tickets and website chat frequently. If you have a problem please report it and we will try our best to help you!


Protected Building: Building on our Sanctuary world gives you a griefing, raiding, and pvping free world to make your creations on.
Griefing & Raiding: ALL worlds besides Sanctuary, Towny, and Creative are griefing and raiding allowed.
Exploring: Go to our Resource world to checkout all of the dungeons our server has to offer.
Mining: Resource world is reset monthly to make sure everyone has plenty of ores and resources to harvest. This also makes sure dungeons are fresh and ready to conquer.
Survival: All of our worlds but Creative are survival based worlds.
Factions: Want to be a part of something bigger? Join a faction with friends and declare war on your enemies in the Factions world. Griefing, Raiding, PVP, ETC are all allowed here.
Role Playing: With our custom APOC-RPG plugin, MCMMO, And RPG mods on APOC you have custom gear, mob drops, dungeon spawns, upgradeable effects and auras, skills, and so much more!
Economy: Do you like being a merchant? Our server rewards for everything. And we do mean everything! Mining, Killing players or mobs, digging, crafting, enchanting, repairing, smelting, voting, even being online you get rewarded for. With the money from these rewards you can rent or purchase a spawn shop plot and build your own customized store with items you choose with prices you choose. Economy can also be used to trade, buy items at admin shops and player shops, buy claimblocks to claim and protect more land, buy protections for doors, chests, etc. And even fund your faction in its war efforts by controlling more land.


Plugin Boosts:
These give you a boost every month when you are billed. You get economy, experience, claim blocks, mcmmo levels for all skills, and agrarian skies lives.
These are not ranks, and can stack with multiple scribe purchases or combine with other ranks monthly or permanent.

Loot Kits:
Loot kits are a varied assortment of ingots based on the modpack server. The higher the rank the more rare and higher amount of ingots you receive. Loot kits can be claimed every 48 hours and have no claim limit. Loot kits do include modded ingots in higher ranks.

Monthly Ranks: 
These are our monthly ranks. These ranks will give you the same benefits of  ranks up to Duke. 
Please read the information on the bottom of the rank details. 

Permanent Ranks: 
Permanent ranks are forever once purchased.


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