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How can I get SDK's Gun Mod into Yogbox?


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Okay, so I have the easiest to install mod in; TMI, I just drag and drop class files into the Modpack.jar, but now I'd really like to See SDK's Guns Mod in YogBox and YogBox only please. Since I can't seem to find a YogBox section in these forums (`~`). But, I cannot seem to get this Mod to Work, The problem right now is two Block ID's clashing, I've tried to switch the Block ID for The SDK's Grappling Hook from 135 to 173 in the Config File, but that didn't do anything the Error still says the ID 135 is still Clashing with it. New to Modding things so Vague answers probably won't help, just saving your Breath for ya. If you know what I can do please reply, with proper Forum Etiquette please and Thank you

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