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Scrub Krew Debut PvP Tekkit Map

Scrub Krew

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Welcome to the Scrub Krew’s debut PvP map!

Featuring a brand-new (as far as we know!) game type: Capture the Torches!

The game is simple: Your team and the opponent’s team are inside an enclosed arena with a base at either end. Each base contains three Redstone Torches, and the objective is to steal the enemies’ torches and place them in the sockets in your own base. Designed for even teams, anywhere up to 6 players per side, this game could provide hours of entertainment on your Tekkit server! Or not!

Please keep in mind that this is our first map, and only an Alpha release. Please leave any helpful advice in the comments! And feel free to use this map in any Let's Plays or other YouTube/social media stuff, just be sure to give us credit, and link this page!

Simply stick the contents of the save file in its appropriate place, boot up your server and grab your friends!

The Rules Two:

1) Don’t leave the arena!

2) You can only take one Redstone Torch per player at a time!

Sincerely Yours,

The Scrub Krew

TBouncier, Ethereal013, Darman822 and DeeDoctor

Here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1a31a0aaazv38c8

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