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[3.1.3]Kingdoms Server![PvE][20 slots][Open][Essentials][No EE]

Oliver Flang

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Just Launched! So if you want a server where everyone starts at same time. This is a perfect server for you. Launch date: 11/29/12


No moderators ever cheat.(Besides the occasional /time day , when others aren't willing to sleep and everyone wants it day) We only have hired trusted people to moderate server


  • No swearing
  • Log off if afk
  • No excessive griefing. We understand if you and someone else are at war.
  • No spawn griefing. No questions asked
  • Have Fun
  • No Hacks or mods of your own.
  • Please sleep in a bed at night unless needing it to be night.

No added or removed mods.


Reason for creating server: Wanted to have a server where people could have a fun trading economy and have fun with others. Did not want it to be to many people on at once becuase then it seems people really do not know each other as well. May add more people slots later on.

This server is a 24/7. We only have it down when fixing a bug in the game which at most is around 1 hour. Random events such as no power for the server hoster could be a possibility also. Mostly it is up 24/7

We are looking for people that like to communicate and actively play at least once a week. People that like to build and love showing off on what amazing designs they thought of.

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