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TekkitCraft2 [3.1.3] [P.V.P][125 Slots!]


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we got a website:

What we offer:

  • bukkit server with plugins being added regularly
  • Friendly staff that help as much as possible
  • Hand-built Spawn
  • 24/7
  • awesome tekkit server smile.png


  • Player - When you join the server this shows up
  • Builder - When your skills have payed off and you build for the server if you wish
  • Moderator - Very hard to get but only if you only bring good to the server
  • Owner - Cant be handed out

banned stuff:

1. tnt

2. nukes

3. itnt

4. nova catalyst

5. tnt cart

6. nova catalysm

7. dynamite

8. world anchor

9. red katar

10. red morning star

11. RM hammer

12. full list in game!

soz most of these are banned for buggs/lagg or simply gife issues


main plugins:

1. essentials

2. LWC

3. multiverse

4. worldedit

5. worldguard


info about donator can be found here:


  • You are not allowed to use hacked client
  • No griefing
  • Respect everyone especially the staff
  • Do not argue with the staff
  • No swearing please
  • Do not ask for stuff


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