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Tekkit - Nether Lava Farm sometimes won't work


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Hello guys, I've currently got a working Lava farm in the Nether and pumping it all back using ender chests (same process at overworld and nether), but when I log in onto the server, I have to go to the nether for 2 secs just for it to start working, work's then 5 minutes later it stops, got 2 world anchors in the nether and 1 in the overworld (10x10 square in overworld, 20x20 in the nether).


RESOLVED, re-set the timers and it worked.

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I'm on a server, but thing is it was working before, not sure why it won't work now.

I go into the nether, and everything work's fine, buckets from overworld ect coming back in, but when I go into the overworld, just stops.

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