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Some redpower help for factory?


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Hi everyone.

I´m trying to set up several assembly lines without EE and thus far I´ve set it up like this:

-Several source chests with items connected to a pneumatic tube network

-Retrievers request items and fill retrivulators who wait for spesific amounts and combinations before passing them on to chests.

-Automatic crafting tables connected to the chests build items and buildcraft pipes suck them out and into a new chest.

From here the items can go on to be incorporated in other automatic crafts further down the assembly line.

Now I need a way to get the redstone engines sucking out items from crafting tables to turn on and off in the correct order whenever earlier stages are complete so I don´t end up with an overload of some items while I´m waiting for complex items to be available for production as I have limited resources from my quarry.

Does anybody know of any strategies for accomplishing this? I´m thinking there might be possibilities to use the redstone signal from the retrivulator in combination with some gate in redpower2 or maybe item detectors or something? I´m a bit lost at the moment and don´t know how to move the project forward, any help appreciated.


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