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Searching for FREE server host


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Dear PMC Users,

Recently my *very* popular tekkit server's host ditched us

no explanation,

no messages,


I am looking for a new *free* host, what you will get, and what I need:

You will get the title "host" which is equivalent to op,

You will get a giant player base

What I need:

A machine running ubuntu, so that I could ssh, and sftp in.

At least 2 gigs ram.

A fairly decent machine.

Please help IceCraft!




Why I should choose you:

What Will I be getting:

any special terms:

If server size become large enough, payment may be considered

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Hi mate, first off i do not use skype esepcially for gaming, i use Teamspeak 3 ( i host TS3 Server on ubuntu linux 512Mb all that was needed ) i also host my own Tekkit Server on ubuntu 64bit server given 8gb/s ram.

Here is my Specs Intel 2600CP2, with two E5-2637 and 64Gb DDR3 1600 ECC ram on each proc.



vmware ESXi 5.0

2x120Gb 15,000RPM SAS Seagate Mirror ( OS Data vmware ESXi 5.0, ubuntu 64bit Server, Firewall , exchange , domain host controller , webserver os media/file Server )

120GB Intel SSD Sata 3 hostCache Dedicated

240GB Kingston SSD Sata 3 Host ( Tekkit , Ts3server, Webserver)

8 x 2TB Seagates SATA 3 7200RPM ( Storage Hotswap, personal use, server config backups) plus snap shots are backed up on to tapes.

Problem please do not think i waste time but right now i am upgrading my internet to MidbandEthernet i just moved house so need to get things backup to spec but currently i have adsl2+ and its horrible :'( but once the midbandEthernet i will have 1:1 Contention and a nice 10Mb/s up.

so if you need a host right now i have the hardware and know how to back that up but not the Internet Connection :( as my own Tekkit and Ts3 server is running this current connection to its limits.

i would say this roll over will be early next year.

you may contact me via here or my ts3 server.

i will private message you the details.Servers.jpg

My Tekkit Server will be open to public soon, again most likely early next year.

here is a screen of my tekkit server project.

we building a city, and players will get food and things by paying with Industrial Credits for supplies and things, the city has a large power station that supplies everyone with power, and players will buy regions to build there home and some players will add to the city buildings.

So far we have a Town Hall, Does not do anything much, a Liberay, a Hotel for temp housing, a mall, a butcher, UFO style Cafe' , pub , place to play hockey plus the plugin,cake shop, bread shop, bank exchange, housing estate, posibly more. oh yes we have some train stations, and protected spawn point.

Whats missing a Marina , docks , Industrial Area.

our city so far.


Plan, to build a City like Vector City but with buildings with a purpose and function.

this is vector city http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKZjby2lugU

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