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[1.7.10]Norly Corner [PvE][20 or so] Norly Corner


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Hey there guys, my friends and I started a server two days ago, but it sometimes gets a little lonesome so I was hoping some of you may be interested in joining us. It is currently whitelisted, so if you are interested then, send me a message with your user name and I will add you when I can.

The server location is South East united states, I have seen good ping from people in Florida up to Canada and as far over as North Dakota.

I am running it on the same desktop as I play on, I have a 6 core 3.8ghz, 8gb ram dedicated, 100mbps down and 10mbps up. The server should be up 24/7 but if the server crashes you can message me or one of our Mods.

P.S. A lot of my friends hangout on Team Speak, feel free to join us anytime.

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