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Ongoing Projects on a Newish 5 User Server


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Hey there. I play with a few real life friends and coworkers on a 5 user Tekkit server.

I usually make a video detailing the purpose of a project and any special concerns regarding its construction. If you are a sensitive user, there is some foul language, but not all the time. All Videos are shot in 1080p.

Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/yiffraptr

Videos (Newest First)

  • Animal Shelter -

  • Solid State Nuclear Salute -

  • Power System & Solar Panel Factory Tweaks -

  • Solar Panel Factory Contest Continued -

  • Solar Panel Factory Contest -

  • Advanced Nuclear Backup Power Generation System -

  • My New Tekkit Server - Day 3 -

  • My New Tekkit Server - Day 2-

  • My New Tekkit Server - 24 hours of progress -

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