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Tekkit: The Noob Guide (Episodes: 3)


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(Click image above for the full playlist)

Hello and welcome to the Tekkit Noob Guide

(video links at bottom of page)

This is a video series designed to help bring you from being a Tekkit Noob, to being a Tekkit Pro.

You can play along with each video, pausing if you need time to catch up, please feel free to comment on the videos on YouTube to request anything you would like to be shown in the next episode.

The video posted at the top is episode one which is mostly the beginning of any minecraft playthough, getting a shelter and finding new ores etc there is a link in the bottom corner of the video to skip to video two if you wish, or links to future videos will all be posted at the bottom of the page.

I hope you enjoy these videos and will be able to go away feeling as though you have learned something.

Again this is a Noob series for now but will eventually be going into all the advanced machinery, tubes, pipes and everything there is to offer in Tekkit!


Episode 1 :

Getting Started

Episode 3:


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cool - but I'm actually more interested in the things that are going to follow - please keep this topic up to date

The next video has been linked to the first, there is also a link to video 2 posted at the bottom of the main post now :D

Edit: Video 3 & possibly 4 will be uploaded tomorrow

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