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[WIP] SUNDOWN CASTLE (inspired by project horizon)


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Sundown castle is a map based on the same concept as project horizon: provide the player with a pre-built base with pre-installed equipment to give them a head start in the world.

The first difference you will likely notice between sundown castle and project horizon is the sheer scale of it all. Sundown castle is HUGE, even in its currently unfinished state it's enormous.

Here, take a look:


this is the art gallery, feel free to build whatever you please in here


this is the power station, it comes with 5 pre-installed watermills and space for up to 35 more in the pre-built frame, plus it's on top of the castle, so you can install solar panels on top of the rack once you fill it with watermills, i suggest upgrading the meager 3 batboxes currently installed for power storage before doing that though. you can also see the windmill spars stretching off the edge of the roof and there is plenty of space on the roof to extend the rack or even build several more if you so desire.


what better place to put all the mystcraft stuff than the library.


the residential station, this links the residential area to the rail network that connects distant parts of the castle (in-progress, non-functional)

other planned/ features include:

-an item storage network accessible from anywhere in the castle (in-progress)

-electricity, liquid energy (buildcraft) and blutricity accessible from anywhere in the castle (in-progress)

-liquid transportation network accessible from anywhere in the castle (in-progress)

-powercraft powered factories (planned)

-secret rooms mod and toggle blocks mod powered secrets (planned)

-undecided number of pre-built mystcraft ages (in-progress)

-mining area with prebuilt powercraft miners (planned)

-clay soldiers arenas (planned)

-player teleportation network powered by powercraft. (planned, no pun intended)

-horse stables and breeding areas (planned, will probably be awhile before these make it in tho)

-mob sorter (planned, yes I mean the mobs, not their drops)

you may have noticed I am going to use mods not included with technic, know that these features are optional, and I have these mods installed currently in the latest version of technic, so I know they can work

following is a list of these optional mods, required versions and links are provided to their minecraft forum threads for your convenience. note that you will need the versions of these mods for minecraft 1.2.5

-toggle blocks mod


version 2.9 (for minecraft 1.2.5)

-secret rooms mod


version 4.0.3 forge

-decoratives mod


version 1.4.2

-clay soldiers mod


version 71

-powercraft (factories and player teleporters will not work without it, nor will the mob sorter)


version 3-4-9

note that these mods are OPTIONAL most of the mods used are included with technic,

but there are some features of sundown castle that required these mods

I do recommend you download and install them but you don't have to.

HOWEVER: should you choose to use these mods you need to install secret rooms LAST,

and AFTER booting technic for the first time after installing all other mods. because it does conflict with some of the above mods, also, when you start it up and idresolver asks you about conflicts, just select the "automatically assign an id to all from this mod"

just to recap, if you choose to install secret rooms, install all other optional mods and run minecraft once to set them up with ids, THEN install secret rooms and run minecraft, if you do not follow these instructions, things just won't look right

also, post if you followed these instructions and things still went wrong and I will try to work out what happened.

FINAL NOTE: this map was built using the LATEST RECOMMENDED BUILD of technic

having said that I will most likely ignore people asking me about what extra mods are required. seriously people, read the whole post.

oh, and any comments, suggestions and questions not answered in this post are welcome, but it might be awhile before I get back to you.

also, I am working on this project alone. updates are going to take awhile

EDIT: my apologies for not posting a download link, but seeing as file planet is shutting down, I have no place to upload the world file, any suggestions?

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