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[The 1.7.10 Pack] Infernoworldorder.com | No Banned Items | No Disabled Mods | No Lag

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Join @ mc.infernoworldorder.com

TS3: ts.infernoworldorder.com



  • No Banned Items
  • No Restrictions
  • No Disabled Mods
  • Protection/Towns
  • Offline Chunkloading
  • Item Based Economy
  • Small Community (Mature Players Only!)                   
  • No Donation Rank, Fully Featured for All 
  • 265 assigned slots


This server is for Adult/Mature players only.

The World was generated October 10, 2016. 

Anyone is welcome to join if you consider yourself mature; also, we keep a pretty relaxed feel to the server. 

This is not a donation server NOR is this to make money. All features are enabled for everyone and you can get anything changed by a majority vote. The goal is to have a strong small community where everyone helps everyone and to just have fun!

If you think you can handle that, check us out! 

Sacred Rubber Sapling has been removed.

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