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Server Ip:


Server Rules:

1. Please be respectful to other people, meaning to treat others as you wish to be treated.

2. We understand that everyone may or may not swear but if you do please bear in mind that we will not tolerate people who use derogatory language towards another person.

3. As we have factions on this server griefing is allowed to an extent, meaning you will not get into trouble if your faction is AT WAR with another faction. Griefing outside this parameter will result in a ban (length of ban is determined on severity).

- other than these rules we wish to promote a server that is friendly and fun to be on!

Server Mod Tekkit Pack

we have not removed or disabled any of the mods but some have been modified for a more enjoyable experience.

Server Plugins

- Skyblock

- Factions/Factions Plus

- iConomy

- Signshop

- Core Protect

- Essentials

- Group Manager

- Auto Announcer

- Scavenger ( So that if you fall into the void by mistake you wont loose your items )

- WorldGuard/WorldEdit

- LWC ( A modified version of this plugin not only locks standard minecraft items but tekkit items as well )

- Votifier ( Vote for our server and get 5 diamonds )

- LinksOnSigns ( A quick way to vote for the server )

- Multiworld

- Multiverse-Core/Inventories/NetherPortals

- MobBountyReloaded

- xAuth ( LoginPlugin so that no one can try and take your items but logging into your account )

Need some more convincing?

With the plugins mentioned we have taken the traditional Tekkit and Skyblock and combined them but with a twist since we also added factions to the mix for a fresh and new experience since these three plugins have rarely been seen on the same server.

Any Restricted/Banned Items?

Yes we have restricted items but for good reasons.

- All of the rings as well as jet packs - exception - the harvest ring.

Reason - all of the ring have been seen as potential griefing except the harvest ring.

- Nuclear Reactor/Nova Cataclysm and Catalyst/Nuke/TnT (Industrial/Sticky/Cart/Standard)/Catalytic and Hyperkentic Lens/Destruction Catalyst

Reason - Mass destruction ( Certain items for this category may be taken off the ban list in the future)

- Singularity Compressor/Rotary Macerator/Centrifuge Extractor

Reason - Cause server crashes

Online Status

This server has an up-time of 24/7 with the occasional restart to reduce lag.

Who Plays?

Since this is a new server we welcome everyone for a truly new experience.

Any Registration Required?

No you don't need to fill out any forms or anything of the sort. Once you log onto our server the only thing you need to do is register, meaning do /register (password), which will reduce the chances of your account getting stolen.

Any Pictures that we can see?



Spawn Entrance


Buy Shop


Sell Shop


Donator/Banned Item List


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