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Redstone Engine Question


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently making the 2nd level of my factory into a sorting level. I made it, the most complicated thing I've made so far, sorting all the stuff I've got from my quarry. All the chest are connected to a wooden transport pipe, running on a redstone engine, with a redstone torch next to it. Everything was working fine, but the engines went faster and faster (as you'd expect), but then I reliazed that I had read something about Redstone engines being able to explode. So I turned them all off, afraid that the whole shit would explode. I've seen some videos, but I can't conclude for sure... Will a redstone engine explode, when connected to a wooden transport pipe extracting from a chest, only with a redstone torch connected (no redstone or red alloy wire between)? The model i've made doesn't really have enough space for wiring between, so I hope I can just put the Torch right next to the engine, and leave it on forever, not having to worry about it exploding... If it explodes I'll lose a huge system of pipes, diamond pipes, iron furnaces, loads of chests, and it will ruin the factory light-wiring etc etc..

- Haavard

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