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Technic on USB / Flash Drive


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Hello, so recently I wanted to play some modpacks while in school. The school completely blocks minecraft servers and the minecraft installation itself, but i've managed to put it onto a USB and add some code so it would open and run via the USB. Though I'm not sure how I could use the technic launcher like this. Could someone tell me how I could play Technic and modpacks on it at school by running off a USB? Like step by step? Thanks.


And before you start your rambling about how I shouldn't be doing this and working, etc.


The teachers and principals of my school know that like every game is blocked and they said if I can figure out a way to bypass it we can play them, mostly every game I bypass with a VPN but it actually has an install block for minecraft and technic launcher. Anyway, please reply if you can help. This is for when we finish our work our teachers let us on the computer to play games or something, as well as we have one free class and we are also allowed to go to the computer lab and do whatever, so..yeah. help pls

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