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Hi, I'm looking to start my own server, but my PC recently gave up and I have come to the conclusion that it would be cheaper to buy a new PC rather than maintain mine in the long run, I didn't expect the server to move so fast and thought I would have until the new year to upgrade, however the server should be ready to Alpha test in under a few days and move into Beta, in a few weeks or so (providing no major issues arise.) So in summary I have a ready server and no way to host, I don't want to buy a host and find the server is unsucessful and have wasted money, so I'm looking for a server host preferably GMT and active 5-6 most days (server up times) also the server needs to be able to run with 10-15 people on, so the hardware doesn't have to be that great. Ifyou could leave how many people and timezones and stuff below that would be great, also the host can have a reserved slot and mod, I have the file and everything all you need to do is portfoward and put the ip in the properties file. Here is the link to the servers thread I'll add you to the conversation as well http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/looking-for-staff-for-a-yet-to-open-server.32251/

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