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Let's Build an Adventure Map Series


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Hello guys. I've started to record myself creating an adventure map using Tekkit and have uploaded a couple of videos on Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBocFX3PakM&feature=g-crec-u

Any feedback on what you guys think about what I have said would entail so far would be appreciated. No need to comment on how awkward I sound, though. I was quite nervous recording.

Oh, and I may need a couple pair of hands to help with building in the future. If you think you might be interested, let me know. No kids though I'm afraid. I will only want people over the age of 18 helping out. May consider 16/17.

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I just thought I would copy over what I have drafted for the backstory thus far if you don't want to watch the video. Just to give you an idea what this map story will entail.

There are other worldly being called the Naahki who had escaped from the hostile environment Nether to live in the more peaceful world among the humans.

With them, the Naahki brought a long technology that the humans had never see before. It was much more advanced than the humans, that the Naahki would be known, somewhat, as gods to some of the humans. There was even one tool that could shape the land or devastate it...

The Naahki eventually decided to teach the humans some of the recipes for some of their technology to help them out. They taught the humans how to hunt for better food by giving them the recipes for crafting better and more powerful weapons; they taught the humans how to make more sturdy and strong building materials; they even introduced them to electricity.

The humans appreciated the help and generousity, but it was not enough for some of them. Some started to get greedy and demanded more knowledge. The weary Naahki refused after witnessing their greed and hostility. One human in particular, Frederick Othergano - a rather powerful mage, was furious that the Naahki would not show him the ways of red matter.

Frederick, before tensions between the Naahki and humans had arise, was particularly fond of one pretty Naahki called Lakisha. They had spent a lot of time together and was increasingly growing fond one another. But now, because of the tension between both races, the Naahki did not agree with the blossoming relationship between Frederick and Lakisha.

One night, Frederick and Lakisha met during the night and, after seducing Lakisha, hypnotised her in to showing him where this powerful god tool was kept. Once he got hold of it he ran away to experiment with it. And by doing so, he devastated some of the land, including a neighbouring village in which he killed hundreds of people.

Eventually, the Naahki managed to restrain Frederick and imprison him in their dungeon. This act angered many humans who felt it was in their jurisdiction to punish Frederick, not the Naahki. And the humans would start threatening the Naahki.

The Naahki, after witnessing such violence, hostility and greed felt that the humans would inevitably cause more unwarranted destruction and deaths, so they seeked to destroy much of the technology that they had bestowed upon them and any recipes too and thus, the humans were back in the state they were in prior to meeting the Naahkii. The Naahkii also closed of their island with a force field so no one could enter, nor could anyone leave...

Over the years, slowly the humans had been advancing. Some could barely remember the recipes for crafting and failed many times at recreating the Naahki technology. But eventually, they got there. Centuries later that this. One thing the humans always did fail at though, even to this present day, was getting access in to the Naahki's fort. In fact, they never did encounter them again which has led the humans to believe that they have become extinct. Some are even weary if they had even existed at all. All the humans see is a decaying fort with a strange blue light surrounding it.

You, the player, are such an adventurer/treasure hunter and now that electricity has been invented (again), you believe you'll be able to get in to the Naahki's fort and obtain the treasures for yourself! You will have to use your wits, research history and the Naahkii, craft items and search for clues in order to obtain the ultimate treasure. But will anything lay await...

So yeah, that's what the background story is essentially about, at least. I also want to say that there will be no hand holding in this map. This won't be linear with (incoherent) signs telling you to go to point b and then point c and pretend that there is a scary monster chasing after you. This will be a proper adventure. You will have to go out and explore and figure out how to access the fort yourselves. There will be ruins, villages, and hidden areas for you to explore. There will be many books/diaries/journals for you to read in order to gather clues and research. You are an adventurer after all!

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