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[1.7.10]TeamRook Wasteland[PvP][100 Slots][TeamRook Wasteland]

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This is a server set in a wasteland theme. No green things as far as the eye can see. You can become a king of an empire built off dirt and the loot of other players, try and save the planet and restore it to its former beauty, or advance through technology and head for the stars. We heavily encourage group play, but if you want to lone wolf it that's up to you. It will be more difficult. PVP is allowed everywhere that isn't protected by a MyTown claim. The pack is lightweight and most computers should be able to run it. We designed it around the idea of one of the Tekkit packs we played years ago, but we wanted a little more challenge, a new theme, and more up to date mods.

Technic Pack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/teamrook-wasteland.925739
Server IP: teamrook.com
The website is still under construction. But you can find a modlist, some info, and important commands to know at http://www.teamrook.com

Server Rules: All of the people who helped me work on this are adults. That said, I'm sure there will be children who find their way here. Keep swearing to a minimum. There is no explicit ban on swearing but if you do it excessively we will ask you to stop or leave. PVP is allowed anywhere that isn't a MyTown claim and we won't interfere with someone killing you if you're not inside a protected home with walls.

This server runs 24/7 on a dedicated machine. It is hosted in the US. My ping to it averages 90 from Michigan. Your results may differ. It is entirely Forge Mod ran, we don't use bukkit. There are currently no disabled items. This is something we will have to approach when the need arises. There may be things we haven't stumbled across yet that are server breaking.

A little history, skip this part if you don't care. In 2011/2012 my friends and I played our first modpack, Tekkit. We went nuts over Industrial Craft, Equivalent Exchange, ComputerCraft, and all the other mods. Later we got to experience a newer Tekkit with SPACE TRAVEL. It was fun. Then I discovered new mods and running a public server. I start maintaining a Pixelmon mod server. It ran strong with a full population at all hours except bedtime for the kids. Running a server could get stressful though and then I had a daughter. I couldn't maintain it anymore and watch her at the same time, so I went on break from gaming. She's older now and my computer is setup in her toy room. She gets to play while I get to play. I tried playing Tekkit again but nostalgia wasn't enough. I needed more. After talking with others I put together this modpack and we tested it for a week, changing mods and editing config files, before bringing it here. I've got the experience for maintaining a server and between me and a few others we've put together a nice fun modpack that we hope to share with others.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.

I am not a frequent browser of the Technic forums but I will check back to this post and have it set to notify me if someone posts a reply. Hope to see you on our server!

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