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Outputting power from a nuclear reactor help?


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I have created a small nuclear reactor that should do just fine for now, but i am having troubles using the power that it produces, from all the scattered info on the wiki i understood that the power from the reactor should go into an HV Tranformer then into an MFSU so it wouldn't blow up, But i can't find any single wire that would connect from the reactor's wooden kinesis pipe into the HV tranformer, or am i doing something wrong? Here is a picture of what i'm trying to do right now:



That thing next to the transformer is an MFSU.


Help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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The nuclear Reactor is IC2 --> Thus the energy emitted from it is EU --> Thus you should use a cable that can transport EU e.G. 4xIns. HV Cable --> put it into the HV Transformer and save it with the MFSU

;) if you wanna use it to power BC machines, use Power Converters afterwards

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