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The Tekkit Assignment.....New Tekkit series..


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Hey guys..i recently started a tekkit series called "The Tekkit Assignment" where i do tekkit series..i have only done 1 episode up on my channel (MrXtremeHDGaming) but i have recorded 15 episodes but i don't want to upload them too often as the previous video's don't get enough views, so please check out my channel and leave a thumbs up and a favourite if you enjoy a video of mine and subscribe if you like my content...I am open to suggestions too so if their is any good points or bad points, then please post a reply to this thread stating what they points are and if you have any improvements, then again post a reply on this thread of what you think i need to improve on..I hope i see you guys as a regular viewer and hopefully by now i have persuaded you to check out my channel and subscribe, if i haven't, then that's ok, i will get there..P.S. i don't care about making money, i just want to make HD video's for the gaming community and to be honest, i love making video's right now even though i only get 10-30 views a video..

The Tekkit Assignment:Ep.1 - Let's Go Mining (New Ore - Copper) Link :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZGI4QQqAzM

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