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[Tekkit Server?]


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I am planning on making Tekkit videos. Guides, tutorials, let's plays, ect.

Since my computer won't allow me to make my own Tekkit server, I am looking for someone to help make a server and run it. It doesn't need any pluggins. (But ones to reduce lag are helpful :P) and join me and my friend Softlypsychotic in making videos. The server should be whitelisted too for me and softly. :) Ages around 15-ish so like 12-17 like

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Hello Shadow.

I currently have a home hosted server of Tekkit, it needs a use and has some plugins such as,

MultiVerse (Creates a second world which can be TPd to)

Warps (/warp [NAME])

Teleport (/tpa)

Sethome (/sethome, /home)

Setspawn (/setspawn, /spawn)

and more.

I'm 13 but turning 14 - I'm super mature though and I would love to help you two out.

I have a YouTube which I'm not gonna use due to me becoming inactive on it. (http://www.YouTube.com/zodiacgfx)

Reached 400 then dropped subscribers so I started a new one. (http://www.YouTube.com/HeyImFelix)

and plan to upload Lets Plays on there.

If you want, add my Skype: zodiac.gfx (Theres a . between it, careful.)

I'd be glad to help.



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